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Nic Barrow’s Ultimate Training Ball will improve your potting, cue ball control and use of side spin using tried and tested methods of a world renowned snooker coach. The package contains a 16 page instruction booklet with diagrams and explanations plus access to an online training video. Three unique training tools are included; Cue Ball to show you accurate positional play, Object Ball for aiming sighting and potting, Cue Ball Calculator to help you with your break building.

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3 Unique Training Tools Included:
  • Training Tool 1: The Object Ball Side.

To improve your aiming, sighting & potting using a brand new pair of aim lines.

  • Training Tool 2: The Cue Ball Side.

Master your positional play & cue action with a simple, yet revolutionary, grid numbering system for where to strike the cue ball…

The chalk remaining on the cue ball after your shot will tell you if you hit the cue ball where you were addressing it.

  • Training Tool 3: The Cue Ball Calculator.

Innovative new tool to help you calculate where and how to place the cue ball for the next shot.

You place this on the table to give you a visual guide as to where you want the cue ball to land on the next shot.


Training Bonus’s Include:
  • Training Bonus 1: 16 Page Instruction Booklet

Learn the main knowledge and training routines required to get the most out of your ball.

  • Training Bonus 2: Diagrams & Explanations
  • Training Bonus 3: 42 Free Online Videos

These videos give extra explanations and practice routines that cannot be explained in the book.


Description Of Bonus Video:

Positional Play Videos

  • How screw back dissipates (or ‘washes off’) over distance
  • Slow motion explanatory videos of screw back wash off to help understanding
  • Slow motion videos of stun and follow effects to help understanding
  • Busting the primary myth behind stop shots – the question that 95% of club players fail on.
  • 6 double camera position videos of three practice routines you will need to know to give you the maximum chance of playing the key positional shot in the game

Potting Videos

  • Close up demonstration of how to use the ‘Object Ball’ side of the Ultimate Training Ball
  • Eye preference, dominance, strength, and alignment
  • The eye dominance myth – and why you must not follow it!
  • How to cue straight routine and explanation
  • A one minute drill to help you learn the perfect AFTER shot routine
  • Where to place the eyes when you approach the table
  • What eye patterns to use when down on the shot
  • The 4 choices of eye pattern you can use on the backswing
  • Whether to (and how to) look at the cue ball during the delivery of the cue and strike of the cue ball

Side Spin Videos

  • The keys to mastering side spin quickly and easily
  • The main ways you can change the swerve of the cue ball when using side
  • Advanced ways the swerve of the cue ball changes when using side
  • Why and how the cue ball swerves when side spin is used
  • Three ways to swerve the cue ball when escaping from snookers
  • The keys to aiming with side spin quickly and easily
  • Three of the best practice routines for learning how to aim with side spin
  • The six most commonly used side spin shots – and how to play them
  • Explaining the difference between check side and running side

Other Bonus Videos

  • 2 videos explaining and demonstrating the ‘T Angle’ – a skill you must have in order to make breaks around the pink and black spots like the professionals.
  • A bit of fun – 4 videos explaining and demonstrating how to ‘arc’, or ‘banana’, the cue ball after impact.
  • Secret Tip – it uses a completely different spin than you would expect!

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