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Manufacturers and Suppliers of Pool Tables and Supplier of Cue Sport Accessories


Whether you are a casual or serious player, a manager in hospitality or just wondering if pool, snooker or 9-ball is right for your home or workplace, PotBlack is here to give you the best information and deals on pool tables, service & accessory items in New Zealand. Pool and other cuesport games rate amongst the top recreational sports in the world, and as games go they develop strategic thinking, are all inclusive and socially interactive on a range of levels.

PotBlack NZ caters separately to both commercial outlets and to private buyers and maintains a policy of best pricing and service nationwide. Commercial users will benefit from wholesale accounts at a one stop shop whilst private buyers have the advantage of web direct access to a dedicated New Zealand supplier 24 hours a day.

You can also use your Farmers Card, Q Card or RD1 Card in store.

Contact us on 0800 476 825 [0800 4 POTBLACK] for more information.