Aramith Snooker Balls 2 1/16″ – Tournament Championship SUPER PRO 1G and Carry Case


Aramith Tournament Champion Super Pro 1G Snooker Balls are are the best quality you can buy . It is supplied in an elegant and sturdy Aluminium ball case with the W.S.A. and I.B.S.F. logos.

  • Complete with Aramith Dedicated Pro1g Ball Case
  • Full size 2 and 1/16th inch diameter
  • Genuine Aramith Tournament Champion Snooker Balls
  • Made to precision weight tolerances of 1 Gram
  • Made to precision size tolerances
  • Brilliant consistent colours
  • Industry standard for both amateurs and professionals

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This exclusive set is available to the general public under the name “Aramith Tournament Champion Super Pro 1G”. This set is supplied in an elegant, and sturdy, Aluminium ball case branded with both the W.S.A. and I.B.S.F. logos.

The Aramith Tournament Champion Super Pro 1G Snooker Balls boast brilliant colours, superb durability with the most consistent and accurate weight tolerance ever produced. These balls are the ball of choice of balls in all major professional snooker tournaments worldwide.

Aramith have supplied snooker balls to the World Snooker Professional Players Association (W.S.A.) for more than 40 years.  This set is also the official set for all I.B.S.F. (International Billiard and Snooker Federation) tournaments worldwide.

The defining characteristic of this set is the maximum weight tolerance allowed. Whilst the maximum weight difference between balls in a regular Aramith Tournament Champion snooker sets (or a Super Crystalate snooker sets) is 3 grams (official specifications), the maximum weight tolerance of these special W.S.A. sets is only 1 gram! This translates into far less inaccurate responses from the cue ball, resulting in much better positional play, making delicate and very accurately required cannons easier to play.

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Ball Size

2 1/16 inch






2 1/16 Inch