Jack Daniel’s full label 7 foot Smart Cloth


This item is a Jack Daniel’s full label 7ft Smart cloth, to fit a 7ft pool table.

Bed and Cushion Set – add dims……..

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Our Jack Daniel’s Pool Table Cloth can be supplied either as cloth only, or we can fit it to a new table, or we can fit it to your existing table.

Jack Daniel’s Pool Table Cloth – by Hainsworth:

The Hainsworth range of napped wool pool and snooker cloth are created from the finest Merino wool manufactured for durable wear and performance with a precise directional nap finish.

It is using these techniques that have made Hainsworth snooker and pool cloth the specified choice for generations of world class professional players. Hainsworth

Hainsworth pool cloth is a finely ‘engineered’ product designed for optimum playing performance. Hainsworth manufacturing expertise is supported by continued investment in the latest processing and finishing technology to achieve the highest levels of playing performance and long lasting appearance.

Type of Cloth:

For English Pool – Hainsworth Smart Cloth:

Setting the benchmark in quality, Hainsworth® SMART pool table cloth is unrivalled for its combined durability and playability. Offering exceptional value, the hardwearing, high performance Hainsworth® SMART cloth is of a relentlessly high quality that continues to provide both commercial environments and home players, with excellent speed and control, time and time again.

A truly durable cloth, Hainsworth® SMART snooker and pool cloth is both extremely hardwearing and independently tested for colour fastness and resistance to fading to B.S. EN 150 105 B02 1999 standards.

Hainsworth® SMART pool cloth has a napped surface, with the grain running from the baulk end to the black spot end. This is the normal type of cloth chosen for English Pool tables.


For American Pool – Hainsworth Elite-Pro Cloth:

As its name suggests, Hainsworth® ELITE-PRO pool cloth is the top professional choice for super-smooth American pool. A top quality worsted cloth weave produces long-lasting, high speed play and provides the perfect surface for print personalisation and branding.

Hainsworth® ELITE-PRO pool cloth does not have a napped surface, with no grain. This type of cloth is used for American Pool tables. It is a faster cloth than the Hainsworth® SMART pool cloth.

Supply and Fitting Options:

Cloth Only:

We can supply Jack Daniel’s cloth as “Cloth Only” in a set comprising cloth for the cushions and bed. You would then need to arrange fitting locally or do the job yourself. We do not recommend fitting a pool or snooker cloth yourself, unless you have the necessary skills and experience.

Fit to Existing Table:

We can fit a Jack Daniel’s cloth to most existing tables. Please contact PotBlack discuss your requirements. We will need to know what make and model of table you have, and also what size. You can request a price from us through this link. http://www.potblack.co.nz/services/