Rec Room Dart Mat


The good-looking Shot Rec Room Dart Mat is an ideal addition to your dart lane or games room at home, preventing dart and floor damage by catching stray darts from bounce-outs on the dartboard. Made from quality rubberized knit fabric, it’s comfortable underfoot, and its no-slip properties ensure it stays in place. Use the printed official tournament oche measurements to guide where to throw from. Its washable surface is odor free, and at just 1.5 kilos (3.3lb) in weight, this dart mat is easily rolled up and put away when not in use. Added protection suitable for all floor types for steel and soft tip play.

  • Full 3m (9ft 10”) long and 625mm (2ft ”)
  • Made from durable, anti-slip, odourless fabric
  • Ideal for home and tournament use
  • Easy roll away and lightweight for ease of storage when not in use
  • Clearly marked regulation throwlines

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