Along with pool tables being manufactured and dispatched the full length of New Zealand, Pot Black has progressively built up a service department and with a network of specialist contractors nationwide is able to provide solutions for most related Pool or Snooker requirements throughout New Zealand.

Table leasing or site operation

Leasing or renting a coin-operated pool table is very popular with venue managers as a quick and easy, low risk solution to providing entertainment to attract and hold patrons. Pot Black, either directly or through its approved operator connections can supply tables for most short or long term situations.

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Table Reclothing, Refurbishing or Relocation

Pool Table refurbishment is generally a combination of reclothing and remarking, fitting new cushion assemblies or cushion rerubbering, installing new nets or a complete repolish of timber-work. Pot Black can provide free advice or quotes to undertake any reclothing or refurbishment work, along with table relevelling or relocation of tables.

Tournament Supply

Tournaments are a popular and logical development of most Cue Sports, and Pot Black has become increasing involved in a variety of tournaments; Further information can be found under Tournaments under the about us pages


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