Solo Steel Tip Dart Set-Brass Barrels 18gm


  • 3x Steel Darts with Brass Colouring.
  • 3x Standard Dart Flights. 75 Micron Thickness.
  • 3x Durable Black Nylon Dart Shafts. Medium Length.
  • BONUS EXTRAS! 3x Nylon Dart Shafts.

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The Solo Dart Set is a perfect “pick up and play” dart set that will bring fun to your game. While this is our entry level dart it’s by no means a “beginner’s” (or toy) dart. Solid and respectable, with a user-friendly grip and weight but the durability of a more professional dart.

Tough and durable Black Medium Nylon Shafts complete the Solo set up. Medium length shafts are ideal for a player who wants maximum stability.

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18 gram