Mystic Blue Steel Tip Dart Set-Brass Barrels 25gm


Decode the mysteries of the game with the Mystic Dart Set.  Packed with vibrant colour, these darts will stand out at any match you play.  Knurled barrels with a square cut grip in various sizes, the Mystic will suit a wide range of players.
Paired with distinctive custom-designed Blue Mystic and Flower Mystic small standard flights which provide maximum lift and stability of the dart when it is in flight. Small standard flights suit beginner players as they are more forgiving than other flight shapes, but also provide a stable setup for more experienced players alike.
Durable black pyramid shafts complete the Mystic dart set up. Featuring the latest in pyramid grip technology, these precision cut shafts ensure maximum grip of flights and durability. The medium length is ideal for a play who wants maximum stability.
Made for the advancing player, this dart requires an eagle eye and a steady hand.  And with 3 darts, 6 flights and 6 shafts, you’ll have all the spares you need to see you through many a session.

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DARTS: Set of 3
FLIGHTS: Custom Blue Mystic Small Standard Flights
SHAFT: Ultra Durable Black Medium Pyramid Shafts
POINTS: Standard 35mm Black Point
RANGE: Weekend Warrior Range


FEATURED GRIP: Square Cut Grip, Knurled Grip

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25 gram