Aramith Super Pro 8 Ball, Ball Set

Product Code: PB003964

Saluc's Super Aramith ball has long been the choice of professional snooker and American pool and now 8 ball pool players need no longer miss out. The balls are the best available anywhere and this becomes obvious from the moment you open the box - brilliant colours and stylish new striped 8 ball combined with the Pro Cup TV cue ball. This has 6 red dots so the spin on the ball is visible which adds greatly to both playing and watching the game.

Set includes: 7 red balls (2") 7 yellow balls (2") 1 'striped' black ball (2") introduced for this set ...and 1 Pro Cup TV cue ball (1 7/8")

All serious players of the red and yellow game should aspire to owning a set of these.

WHAT YOU GET WITH THE SUPER ARAMITH PRO SETS. 1 Matched professional set Precise calibration of each ball for maximum consistency within the set.

2 Worldwide endorsement Professional grade Aramith phenolic resin, widely used in tournament worldwide.

3 Included the Aramith dotted Cue ball For ultimate precise shots and ball repositioning.

4 Outstanding endurance Through hardened vitrified surface with ultra-high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance.

5 Lowest yearly table cost Extra durable smooth surface that minimizes table cloth wear for an exceptional cloth and ball longevity.

6 Made of Super Aramith Pro The highest end phenolic resin available, designed in our laboratories.

7 Professional quality specifications For all criteria : density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, glossiness, hardness, weight.

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Aramith Super Pro 8 Ball,  Ball Set
  • Aramith Super Pro 8 Ball,  Ball Set