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Clubs NZ 8 Ball -

CNZ8Ball rules of play – download here



Number 1 (yellow)   1 1/2"       - 38mm

Number 2 (blue)      1 7/8"       - 48mm

Number 3 (red)       2"             - 51mm

Number 4 (purple)  2 1/4"       - 57mm





As a thin, tapered piece of timber your cue needs to be correctly looked after in order to avoid warping. If not correctly cared for, any cue, regardless of quality, will warp. Following the advise below will ensure that your cue remains in great condition for every game.

  • Store your cue upright in a cue rack or vertically in a cue case in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep your cue away from radiators, hot water pipes and out of direct sunlight and hot vehicles
  • Do not lean your cue against the wall.
  • Do not lean on your cue whilst playing.
  • Do not bang the butt of the cue on the floor to acknowledge good strokes.


Finally, in order to check the straightness of your cue do not roll it on the table as cues are never perfectly elongated tapers. Instead they should be 'sighted' in the same manner as the cue maker checks the cue at each stage of production. To do this look down the cue's length from butt to tip turning the cue slowly, any warpage will be easy to see.