Branded Cloth

UK based cloth manufacturers Hainsworth & Sons pioneered the initial concept in 1994 and have since developed two print processes; deep dye screen printing, ideal for most brand logos and digital printing for more complex designs. Brand managers or interior designers requiring specific information please contact us at

Pot Black NZ with permission from the appropriate brand manager can offer the public direct purchasing of certain brands within the titles catalogued. Some brands however may only be available to commercial outlets under arrangement, permission for use must be obtained via a representative of the brewery concerned.

Whilst Branded cloths are designed for intense commercial use over a reasonable period, they must still be cared for according to the manufacturers instructions and, like all standard cloth will require replacement over time.

Branded Cloth Catalogue

  • » Tui Beer
  • » Speights
  • » Guinness 
  • » Export Gold
  • » DB Draught
  • » Jagermeister
  • » Carlsberg
  • » Woodstock Bourbon
  • » Jack Daniels Whiskey
  • » Jim Beam
  • » Heineken
    • » Wild Buck
    • » Montieth


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